Welcome to South Bay by Jackie

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Looking for something to do here in the South Bay?

Wondering what’s going on in and around the area?


South Bay by Jackie features a comprehensive selection of things to do, places to go and people to know in the South Bay.

So whether you’re a local, or a visitor to the area, you’ll find a wide variety of activities and events to indulge in!

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Daily Blog

Brawa 48728 Échelle H0 Wagon de Marchandises Glr DRG, II Dc The Daily Blog features recaps, reminders and recommendations on activities and events. It’s a daily dose of what’s going on around the South Bay.
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The South Bay by Jackie Weekend Guide offers comprehensive coverage of an astounding variety of special events and activities in the greater South Bay area every Thursday.

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Ongoing Events

Ongoing Events - South Bay Events
The South Bay offers a wide range of ongoing community activities. Browse this page for regularly scheduled events such as farmers markets, cultural arts facility schedules, museums, flea markets, meet-ups and more.

Special Events

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The South Bay hosts numerous special events throughout the year including all the annual holiday events, gala fundraisers, concert series, festivals, sporting events, art shows, and more. These are the events you don’t want to miss!

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Brawa 49112 Behältertragwagen BTmms 58 der DB, öit Ddikr 621 Tucher These long format articles cover a variety of topics, including in-depth restaurant reviews, special event recaps, local news and some of my favorite South Bay adventures!
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Dine Time

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The South Bay offers an abundance of great food. The key is knowing where to find what you’re in the mood for and knowing what to expect when you get there.

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South Bay Farmers’ Markets

Brawa 63100 - Elektrolok BR E44 DRG Ep.II - Spur N - NEU This page features all the terrific Farmers’ Markets scheduled throughout the South Bay. From El Segundo to the Palos Verdes Peninsula. We’ve got you covered!
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Live Music Venues

Brawa 67073 - Güterwagen Kesselwagen ZZ VTG DB Ep. IV - Spur N - NEU Live Music Venues as suggested by South Bay by Jackie
In the mood for some live music? The South Bay has a wide variety of live music venues to choose from! I’ll be adding venues every week so check out my recommendations here.

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The South Bay Show

South Bay Small Business Showcase
Brawa 67705 - Güterwagen Leichtbaukesselwagen ZZr VEB Petrolchemisches Kombinat The South Bay Show is an internet radio show I co-host several days each week featuring the hottest events, buzz-worthy restaurants, businesses and organizations that are making a difference!

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Advertise with South Bay by Jackie
Brawa H0 0534 Dieseltriebwagen BR 772 Der DB REGIO,in der OVP South Bay by Jackie.com is a recognized and trusted member of the South Bay media corps and the preeminent resource for local events. It’s all South Bay, all the time – and THE hyper-local media platform to advertise your business!

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